Dear Friend,

Premature ejaculation and Weak Erection suffered me for years.

My problem wasn't just only weak erection.

My condition was so bad that much time, I ejaculated even before entering But today what worked for me has inspired and helped many guys to cure their Premature Ejaculation And Weak erection Problems Permanently.

Before I discovered this lasting 2 in 1 solutions to my sexual problems, I was once a one minute man that could not go more than 1 round with a woman...

The disappointment and tension that comes with premature ejaculation and weak erection can better be imagined than described.

A woman feels the pains most, and the man also appears uncaring basically because he spills the milk before the real act begins.

A woman values a spouse who helps her reach orgasm. But premature ejaculation is a big disappointment when it happens repeatedly.

That was exactly the fate of my wife, Amaka.

Just before she reaches the real point of satisfaction during the conjugal bliss with me during love making, I would have spilt the milk.

If it happened only on few occasions, she would have taken it with a pinch of salt.

But that was not so.

It happened repeatedly and she felt like she made the wrong choice when it became a routine. 

You can imagine my frustration as a man. I have the urge and desire to satisfy her desires like a man but I don’t have the strength to do so.

All my efforts proved abortive.
I was becoming a shadow of myself.

In fact, my wife (Amaka) Found Succor in Our Gateman; a Short Boy That Work as our gateman by name Johnson.  

I know what she did was a full blown adultery by all standards...

but whenever I try to put myself in the shoes of a lady who remained a virgin till marriage and has never enjoyed sex thereafter for three whole years,

I feel for her...

One fateful day, I told Amaka (my wife) that  I will be going for our usual night vigil programme at our church. She declined going with me.
I reasoned with myself about the stress she must have passed through during her travels over the week to see her mom.

So I dressed up, picked the car key then left for the programme.

On getting to church, I discovered we were told to bring along pictures of our loved ones to pray on, I quickly turned my car and head back to the house which is about 45 minutes drive. 

On getting inside, I heard screams from upstairs.

I ran up the stairs, two steps at a time, bounding into the bedroom to see what was wrong.

What was wrong was my wife;

My beloved Amaka, was laid on her back with a guy pounding away at her as if there was no tomorrow... 

in my matrimonial bed.

What was more wrong was that she was moaning and enjoying it....

and hardly noticed anybody came in.

To say the least...

the small man left inside of me DIED!

But thank goodness...

that singular incident pushed me to finding the solution that eluded me for years.

Few months later...

I saw myself falling in love with one of my wife's friend, Mfon.

Mfon is a beautiful young Calabar lady, in her mid 20s. A staff of UBA Bank. She's also endowed but not as much as Amaka.

Things got so well between us that we started moving along.

People around could sense the growing chemistry. She started visiting when my wife is not around and in most times, things got really hot between us.

In most cases, we got so close to doing it. Of course, I'd always stop the action anytime we're getting close to doing the real do;

...doing everything I could to make sure she never see my johnson.

We would kiss for minutes, smooch, and in few occasions, I'd finger her till she squirts all over.

What was left was the penetration... and that's exactly what she's been dying for.

It was clear that in her mind, she must have thought; "If this dude is this good with the other things, then he must be a champ with the REAL deal" But then, it wasn't just happening... 

Until one fateful day.

We had just closed from one of the Friday night's vigil then my wife had travelled to see her mum at the hospital...

we went straight to her house since she stays very close to the church. Things started heating up very heavily. Passion over took us and we started touching, feeling, and exploring below the waist.

As usual, I stopped things abruptly before it got out of hand and took a walk to let them calm down. That’s when Mfon got very upset; she scared the heck out of me. 

While I was trying to calm her down, she grasped my dick to discover the most embarrassing part of my life...

It was small. I mean this girl was really upset, seriously. 

She finally summoned courage and asked; "Could this be the reason you've been avoiding doing it with me?"Believe me, she barely finished saying this before broking down into tears. Uncontrollably, I joined too.

What we did next was epic...

it's the reason I Cured My Premature Ejaculation And Weak Erection Problems Permanently and can last as long as I want whenever we get down It has also helped more than 73 of my friends and you can...

A friend in need is a friend in deed…

they say, so was Mfon to me!

More like God purposely sent her my way to wipe away my age long tears.

She led me into something that totally changed my life for good forever.

Something that has also helped more than 73 of my friends too.

After the revelation, everything became open. While still sober, Mfon crawled into my hands, we cuddled deeply...

One thing led to the other, I pulled the plug on, and fucked her for the very first time after 4months 22 days of dating.

Did she enjoy it? 


Disaster is the best word to describe the abysmal experience.

Apart from the fact that my 'johnson' was dangling up and forth inside her fresh honey pot, like a spoon in a tea cup...

I barely lasted up to 2 minute before shooting (spilling the milk).

I could see the unsatisfactory expression all over her faces.

My dick wasn't enough.

Even if it was, I couldn't last long enough to drive her into orgasm.

That's what women hate most.

This I already know...

we both now know!

I couldn't go asleep as my fingers could to give her that stimulation and real fucking she yearns for and deserves. After that disappointing short sex session, Mfon went out...

I think to the balcony.

Initially, I thought she was making plans to crash our new relationship.

But no... she had gone to make a call to her colleague.

The same call that finally benefited me... and saved me from shame.

The same call that made me go back to my wife and gave her what she was always desiring. 

To conclude...

Mfon my new girl friend called Her colleague who had shared with her sometime ago, how her boyfriend battled with Premature Ejaculation And Weak Erection and was able to overcome with the help of this same powerful solution.

Long story cut short... She pointed Mfon to this 2 in 1 Solution…

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